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Healthcare Supply Chain Management Spotlight:

Working Spouse Spend Management

Unlock millions of free cash flow by pushing your highest risks their spouse's health plan.

Do you contribute to the 401(k) of an employee's spouse'? Of course not! Let our partners at Catilize Health share how large employers can transform their Working Spouse Spend Management (WSSM). By continuing to provide primary health coverage for working spouses or partners, employers are inadvertently subsidizing other employers’ healthcare budgets. We think that is fiscally irresponsible because it increases the cost of your organization’s employees and slashes the money available for wages and employee benefits. 

...And it's a LOT of budget!

Results and Case Study
Based on their 20 years of experience, if you control a company with 1,000 enrolled in the healthcare plan at a , here is what you can expect. First, true to the 80/20 rule, 80% of your $12m in claims is from 20% of employee households. Typically, over half of your claims are from just 5% of members.

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