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cost control

a fair fight.

The Benefits Department is a management consultancy boutique. Unlike traditional group health insurance brokers, we make money when we save you money,
...and our results are guaranteed.

Over 150 million Americans are covered by group healthcare plans whose total employer spend will surpass $1 trillion annually in the coming years. For too long, CFOs, business owners, and P&L-savvy HR executives have resigned themselves to spend billions on healthcare in a way they’d never tolerate for any other area of their business.

real savings

Our proven supply-chain management strategies consistently and predictably reduce overall healthcare spend for qualifying businesses from 20-40%.

medical justice

Better quality healthcare benefits for less out-of-pocket creates an advantage for your entire organization through increased morale, productivity and retention.

A Fair fight

It’s important to note that we are aligned advisers, not brokers. In fact, we often work alongside brokers and get compensated based on savings not rate increases.
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